✨ Setting New Intentions for 2020 ✨

Oppdatert: 9. feb. 2020

A new year has just begun and I'm wishing you all a beautiful new & continuing chapter ❤️

When we are setting our intentions, we allow ourselves to open up for new pathways, new routines, rituals, ways of living, and it allows us to focus on what's important by creating clarity into our presence, our consciousness. This time, this new year, represent the beginning of a cycle. It brings an invitation to a fresh start, to becoming more you by calling in your intentions, helping you to set the tone of alignment for the next cycle.

It's in the moments of stillness that makes me want to listen deeper, connect, feel and from that space I start to write down my intentions. I believe that our intentions are the fuel to manifesting our dreams, goals and visions. ✨

I invite you to find a nurturing place, where you feel safe, at peace and connected with yourself. Bring a pen and a paper with you, a candle light - if you find that cozy. Set up the place exactly how you want it. No preferences needed. Make it your way!

Take a moment by just sitting into your space. Allow yourself to center. Allow yourself to release what has been and bring the attention back to yourself. Breathing. Connecting. Letting go. Opening up. Being present.

Bring your awareness back to your breath by breathing out, letting your whole breath out. Just let it go. With a sound. With a haaa. With whatever feels good to you.

May each step of this breath bring you back home where you feel safe and aligned ❤️

Open up your eyes and take a moment by looking at your pen and paper. When ever you feel ready, write down what comes through you. If you become insecure, let this questions guide you:

* What is the first intention that comes through you?

* What do I want to feel more of in my daily life?

* What do I want to feel when I wake up in the morning?

* What do I want to feel when I go to sleep at night?

* What is it that you want to start with adding to the new page? Is it something you have been dedicated to for a long time, that makes you recharge your batteries?

* Is it a goal you have been working on the latest times? A new goal? A new intention?

* What do you want to change for the better?

* What is it that you want to have more of in your life? Is it more time for yourself, family/friends?

* What is it that you want to have less of in your life?

* How do you want to start your mornings? Do you want to start your mornings with a meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, or anything that will bring you to your center?

When you declare an intention, you are letting yourself and the Universe know exactly what you want. Like T. Harv Eker said: "Where attention goes energy flows and results show".

I feel so connected with this, do you? ✨

The seeds that are watered frequently are the seeds that will grow strong.

Feel it, embrace it and take a few moments to be grateful for the intention you have set.

A great life isn't about big things, it's about the small things that make a big difference ✨

Love and blessings from me,


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